[Video] Organizing to Confront Academic Disaster Capitalism in the Age of Pandemics

Video from PICOC’s November 13, 2020 organizing summit:

Keynote by Jose Padin, Ph.D.,

From Puerto Rico, José is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Portland State University and an active member of the academic labor movement in Oregon. José has been involved in the labor movement at all levels, from organizing a strike campaign at Portland State, to supporting union campaigns at other universities, to being an elected member of the Executive Committee of the national AAUP-Collective Bargaining Congress. From 2016-2020, José was also president of PSU-AAUP, the union representing faculty and academic professionals with more than half-time appointments at Portland State University, and has been on the Portland Workers’ Rights Board since it was formed in the late 1990s.

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The Pacific Northwest Inter-Campus Organizing Collective is a collective of workers from institutions of Higher Education in the Pacific Northwest, – non-tenure and tenure line faculty, staff, and students– dedicated to resisting the neoliberal takeover (corporatization) of higher education and transforming academia  by promoting and supporting the development of a more equitable and sustainable vision of higher education as a common good.  more